Hiring or buying, your Hot Tub guide

Post by: Jemima Simpson

Hire vs buy?

Hire vs to buy, a difficult choice for any Hot Tub enthusiast! But don’t worry, we are here to help you navigate this minefield. 

Here at Surrey Bubbles, we believe in tailoring your experience to you! We pride ourselves in giving the ultimate customer experience, resulting in launching this blog to provide transparency and guidance. 

So why hire a hot tub over buying, or vice versa? Here are some points which may help you decide, lets start with the benefits of hiring!

  • We can operate on a short turnaround basis, if you need some last-minute bubbles we will always try our hardest to accommodate last minute bookings. 
  • You can change it up! We offer a selection of Hot Tubs to suit every occasion, you’ll never find enough excuses to sample our extensive range. We also pride ourselves on supplying the latest models of the market-leading tubs. 
  • Limited maintenance – we clean our Hot Tubs with a selection of antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal solutions around the entire Hot Tub, including the pipes.
  • Restricted garden space. Want to make limited garden space work for you? Hiring is the way to go, enjoy your Hot Tub for special occasions or a treat without compromising your garden space. 
  • Hire before you buy! If you’re undecided, why not hire yourself some bubbles? If you love it then you can buy it directly from us. Please get in direct contact with us if this sounds like it would suit you. 
  • Logistics. When out of use storing the Hot Tub can be tricky, renting eliminates this problem.
  • No Hot Tub fatigue, it keeps the Bubbles a novelty. 

So why buy a Hot Tub? Here at Surrey Bubbles, you can buy either; new, used or permanent Hot Tubs (please contact directly for more information). 

  • Depending on what type of Hot Tub you purchase, having a Hot Tub installed will increase the value of your home (we are referring to our cedar wood tubs which we endorse). 
  • You can indulge with bubbles at your leisure. 
  • We offer a maintenance service, removing the stress of installation, chemical balancing and takedown (for the inflatable Hot Tubs). 

Whatever your conclusion we are here to help, so get in touch if you have any questions bubbling!