Hot Tub Safety

Post by: Jemima Simpson

Hot Tub Safety

Summers in England are known for Pimms in the garden, overcast BBQ’s and a frantic rush to find an inflatable hot tub when the sun does finally shine.

Here at Surrey Bubbles, we strive to not only fulfil your hot tub dreams, but to create the safest possible environment for you to enjoy your Bubbles. To aid our mission we have created this hot tub safety hand book to answer all of your questions and queries!

Our first point is a big one….extension leads! This is a question we are frequently asked by clients, and rightly so. Unfortunately, using extension leads are not safe and this is due to multiple reasons:

• The majority of extension leads do not have a sufficient diameter to conduct the voltage required to maintain the hot tub. This causes a voltage drop which, in turn, generates more power from the hot tub unit, in some cases this surge in power can overheat which can lead to a world of trouble! If you do not have any access to a suitable plug socket, we work closely with reputable local electricians who can fit outside power for your garden.

• The plastic lined cable (PVC) of most extension leads are prone to mechanical and UV damage, furthermore they are not recommended for prolonged use outdoor use.

All of our units are fitted with RCD’s (Residual Current Device), they continuously monitor the voltage and detect any faults which can cause fatal electrical shocks. If at any time during your hot tub rental you find that your plug is hot to touch or damaged in any way please turn it off and call us immediately.

Our second point to highlight is keeping your hot tub hygienic and safe for you and the family. We pride ourselves on how clean our equipment is and our standard of hygiene. Our processes include:

• Flushing out all three of the internal pipes of all of our pumps between every use, we use limescale remover, antibacterial and antiviral solutions which are hot tub specific to ensure your hot tub is clean as a whistle inside and out!

• All of our hot tubs and lids are cleaned with the same solutions as above. This includes a thorough rinse of the jet pipes, a spot commonly overlooked!

• All of our accessories are disinfected prior to entering our storage to aid in the prevention of spreading any disease or viruses, including COVID-19. Equipment such as filter holders, chemical holders, inflation hoses and chlorine bottles are all sterilised before being stored.

We always consider structural integrity prior to setting up at a location. We often have queries regarding balconies and flats which can be tricky! A significant portion of balconies in the UK support anywhere between 28 and 55 kg per sq foot. In contrast, our Bottle weighs between 1,000 and 1,400 kg. Obviously this makes installing the bubbles in such

locations out of the picture, we don’t want any floors falling through! We will only ever set up a hot tub in locations like balconies and flats after consuming a contractor or engineer.

Here at Surrey Bubbles you’re in safe hands, we really care about your welfare and safety. If you have any further questions please get in contact using our email –