Leo and Luca reveal all: The story behind Surrey Bubbles

Life after School

Neither Leo or Luca were convinced that university was the route they wanted to take, but nonetheless, their schools encouraged them to apply.

Leo was offered a place at Bristol and, on a bit of a whim, went to study Economics for four years. He spent his third year working at Amazon in their Finance department. A great experience, but one that made him realise that he didn’t want to be in an office crunching numbers.

Luca wanted to go into sports journalism so went to study in Wembley for three years. Similarly to Leo, Luca was in Accounting, but with a strong distaste of numbers, it wasn’t for him.

In May 2020, both graduated over Zoom. Neither of them had any idea what they wanted to do. There was thought about going travelling, but obviously that wasn’t an option. In June 2020, Leo began working at a Covid-test site while he figured out his next move. Luca was enjoying the concept of working from home, but knew he wasn’t working to his full potential.

By December, both really wanted to find something more interesting to do. While chatting in a pub one night, the conversation turned to how people are stuck at home and it was suggested to hire out hot tubs.

Surrey Bubbles was born

You may not know it, but portable hot tubs were almost impossible to buy!

After a few weeks of research, they managed to pick one up off Ebay, paying massively over the odds. They began by hiring their tub to friends and family, but it was quickly in high demand. They sourced a second, but by January interest continued to grow…

The hot tub hiring was being juggled around their day jobs, but it became incredibly busy very quickly. Luca was working on a temporary contract which ran until May 2021, and they had talked about dedicating themselves to the hot tub business from June 2021, assuming it continued to grow.

Within two weeks, there were so many orders that they both resigned from their jobs, knowing they needed to chuck everything at the business!

Business is booming

They quickly had to scale up!

It started with just the chaps, but by April they had two vans, 60 hot tubs and a storage unit. Luca’s mum is running the cleaning team. Luca’s girlfriend, Jemima, oversees the general operations and marketing and helps with set-up.

The success story was picked up by Channel 5 and culminated in Surrey Bubbles appearing in a hot tub documentary  on the big screen.

They have now done over 600 rentals and don’t plan to stop anytime soon!

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